Through out the years, having many different hobbies, and multiple complementary business ventures, we have the opportunity to get, try, have, and use a wide variety of tools (tangible and intangible). 

We've had a variety of FREE & low cost information on line for decades (seriously, our first web site was 'registered' and went live in 1993). We Review Stuff! Mostly stuff we've used, and benefited from.

The video next to this is just a pretty distraction (placeholder) at this point. Enjoy. The links in the menu below will take you to the topic sections.

Topics we've posted on over the years are as diverse as we are! From computers (hardware & software) to cameras (mostly still, some video).

From assorted hobby sports, like white water rafting and scuba diving, to pets, like exotic birds (parrots) and horses.

Nutrition and business  marketing have been a couple of our favorites.  Parenting, blended families, relationships, and  politics have also been topics at times.

MOST of this website will be on Web development... for small businesses that need better tools, marketing, and SEO (search engine optimization).

The Importance of Brand Building in the Digital Age        

Some FREE TOOLS ~ Don't wait...
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This cloud based program is like putting your existing YouTube Channel on STERIODS! It's an ADD ON, nothing changes... but it's like having someone watching and improving your channel immediately. It adds power, tools, and flexibility! It helps you with so many things you didn't even know were possible... even in the free starter version! Seriously awesome if you have 2 to 100 videos on YouTube this is really a MUST HAVE. Especially If you are really trying to get hits, get attention, improve the search ranking, and know more about your viewers, this really helps!  The paid options add massive extras that you'll love.


Nearly everyone in business has heard of Constant Contact, or MailChimp. Well, this like those, BUT it is currently the least expensive FAN BUILDER products we've seen for the under 10k fans (or customers) list build. Oh, MailChimp is free up to 2k, but then it sky rockets (and only allows 12k emails total per month on their free account). MailerLite allows you to AUTOMATE your 'customer' or 'fan' - or 'users' sign up! It stores all their names & email addresses in a secure database YOU CAN EMAIL TO (in bulk)! The first 1,000 names are totally FREE, and you can send UNLIMITED EMAILS FREE! The thing we love the most, is that it is CHEAP as you grow! Upto 10,000 individual names with an unlimited ability to email them each month, for just $35 a month! That is the cheapest we've found to date! (after looking at dozens)

What Stuff DO YOU WANT?

We are pretty resourceful, and the majority of the tools listed on this site are things we've used, currently (still) use daily,  or those we believe have a serious potential to help virtually any business - especially a small businesses,  regional businesses, and those with products or services that can be delivered outside their normal geographical area.

BUT, we care about what you want, need, and are looking for. 

Do you want more about MOBILE phones? Mobile APPS? 

Or more on accounting? Taxes? 

Maybe more on Legal Stuff... contracts, patents, trademarks, stock... or marketing information, 

We don't know everything, but we know many  Smart people that know what we don't!

Why Consider US ?

We are experienced, and learned a long time ago... money is vital to getting the bills paid, but it's not the end all, be all, answer! We learned that working SMARTER is more important than working harder, but there are just some things that require effort & elbow grease! Yes, in time, anyone can eat the proverbial elephant... ONE BITE AT A TIME! 

In reality, there are only 1440 Minutes in a day. Once they are used, however they are used, they are forever gone.

We have spent a lot of time, over the years.  wading through products, information, tools, and such... in various industries and niches, for our own personal use or that of one of our clients.  We would like to share our experiences, and our appreciation for certain tools, programs, apps, and information.

We hope you'll appreciate it, and benefit.

We've had 'domains' and a 'web presence' since 1993, before most people even knew what the 'internet' even was.

We have been very busy the last decade raising kids, dealing with our own business ventures, and traveling all over this great nation for work (and the kids).

In the midst of all that, and helping our clients, we've had the occasion to try, use, and test MANY MANY different apps, programs, books, info, and tangible tools from assorted industries, for varied purposes.

This domain is new, and still in a conception and development stage. We hope to have a growing list of value information, and links to quality tools you can benefit from.
Be sure to bookmark our site!

Learning, using, and doing...

We have shared many of our  opinions, experience, and findings for years on assorted websites, at trade shows, events, and with people we've mentored and tried to help.

Topics have been focused on things like:

Computers (hardware & software)
Cameras (Still & Video)
Nutrition (Health & Fitness)
Scuba Diving
Family & Parenting
Pets (Dog & Horse)
and now...

Web Design & Marketing

The Best Joint Supplement We've found... ever

We are a firm believer in the MD's Choice ( line of products. They really help us, and our pets! With the 100% Results Based Guarantee, and over 20 years in business, we are positive you'll love their products too! Pure Nutrition, supplying nutrients the body needs, in forms it can readily use. 


Arthrosamine (pronounced R-throw-saw-mean) ‚Äčis one of the very best oral joint supplements available. I've been personally using the product since 1998, Carly since 2015 (when she first learned about it) we both love it, and absolutely notice the difference this product makes in our life!

 The Results Based Guarantee has existed for over 20 years now, which should easily prove just how awesome this product is. Try it faithfully for three bottles... if you don't notice a difference, you get your money back!

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ACTUAL Real life use, and is often the best test of products

Usually  we will show stuff  (tools) we actually use... and like, or otherwise find benefit from. We'll try to stick to things we are able to either find links to so you can try the item(s) also, for your own use, business, or venture OR  give you what ever we personally believe is the 'downside' to that specific item.  For more than thirty years, we have designed, created, and licensed content that can help us do  more...  easier, faster, and better.   The purpose of this website is to help others learn what tools we use, like, and find benefit in. 

Opportunities Aren't Always FREE... but they don't have to be expensive or hard either!

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